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Alivan's is proud to introduce our line of handmade Wizard Brooms. Each broom in the collection is completely unique. The Scarlet Hawk features a handpicked Sassafrass sapling handle and is a perfect broom for both sport and leisure riding. The Scarlet Falcon comes equipped with a contoured Oak handle and scarlet broom corn to make it an aerodynamically superior racing broom...finally, The Sienna Storm is, by far, the fastest broomstick in the world and is truly the top of the line. Click the brooms below for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Our brooms are recommended for ages 5 and up and unfortunately they DO NOT FLY! They are intended for use as a role-playing toy or as a beautiful display piece. We encourage you to enjoy our brooms in many ways but again...please realize they DO NOT FLY. Please do not attempt to use them for that purpose.

Our Broomsticks are not Warner Bros. licensed products.    

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