harry potter wands
harry potter wands
harry potter wandsharry potter wandsharry potter wandsharry potter wands
harry potter wands
harry potter wands
harry potter wandsharry potter wands
harry potter wands
harry potter wands
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harry potter wands

harry potter wands

Throughout history, books, movies and television have given us many famous magic wands. Below is our look at some famous characters and their own famous wands.

There are some wands in our list that we do not have all of the characteristics listed...if you have factual knowledge that we could add to our listings please let us know. Also, we are sure that we have missed some famous wands in our list and we would love to know of those that you think should be added.

Send us an owl!
Send us an owl if you have an addition or correction!


Harry Potter:
J.K. Rowling`s "bespectacled" boy wizard.
Wood: Holly
Length: 11 inches
Core/Enchantment: Single Phoenix Feather
Details/Good For: Holly is the strongest of the protective woods and is the symbol of life, vitality and immortality. It is used to guard against evil, protects against lightning, and great for dream magic.
Ron Weasley:
Harry Potter`s sidekick seems to be making great use of his own magic wand.
Wood: Willow
Length: 14 inches
Core/Enchantment: Unicorn Tail Hair
Hermione Granger:
Wood: Based on original wood colors...possibly a combination of Holly and Ebony...though recently Vine or Vine Carved has been mentioned?
Length: 12-15 inches
Core/Enchantment: Dragon Heartstring
He Who Must Not Be Named:
We will not say his name but we will list his wand.
Wood: Yew
Length: 13 1/2 inches
Core/Enchantment: Single Phoenix Feather
Details/Good For: Yew is unique in that is the wood of death and rebirth.
James Potter:
Harry`s Father...I guess you could say he started it all.
Wood: Mahogany
Length: 11 inches
Core/Enchantment: unknown
Details/Good For: Transfiguration
Lily Potter:
Harry`s Mom...she may argue that she had more to do with young Harry than James did!
Wood: Willow
Length: 10 1/4 inches
Core/Enchantment: Hair from the Tail of a Unicorn?
Details/Good For: Charm Work
The loveable Giant - no list would be complete without him.
Wood: Oak
Length: 16 inches...the longest (well it was at one time) of all the wands in the Harry Potter series.
Core/Enchantment: unknown
Details/Good For: Hagrids wand is somewhat bendy.
Fleur Delacour:
Wood: Rosewood
Length: 9 1/2 inches
Core/Enchantment: Hair from the head of a Veela
Details/Good For: unknown
Cedric Diggory:
Wood: Ash
Length: 12 1/4 inches
Core/Enchantment: Single hair from the tail of a particularly fine male Unicorn
Details/Good For: unknown
Viktor Krum:
Krums wand is a Gregorovitch creation.
Wood: Hornbeam
Length: 10 1/4 inches
Core/Enchantment: Dragons Heartstring
Details/Good For: unknown
Quite possibly the most famous wizard in history.
Material: Lignum Vitae Wand
Length: Approximately 16 inches
Details/Good For: Many, many things...the least of which is not packing in a hurry (Sword in the Stone reference of course).
Glinda, The Good Witch:
From Wicked and the Wizard of Oz...still the most famous wand of all time.
Material: Gold Shaft with a Star on the end.
Length: Approximately 18 inches
Mumford the Magician:
Of Sesame Street fame and probably the first wand we all remember.
Material: Plastic...I think...with white end caps.
Length: Approximately 12 inches
Details/Good For: Making things disappear and not knowing where they went. Made A-la Peanut Butter Sandwiches famous!
Cinderellas Fairy Godmother:
The Glass Slipper could not have been without her help.
Material: Gold with a Golden Star
Length: Approximately 14 inches
Details/Good For: Turning "ordinary" girls into Princesses.
The Blue Fairy:
From the story of Pinocchio...her wand saves the day.
Material: unknown
Length: Approximately 10 inches
Details/Good For: Bringing wooden puppets to life...if they are brave, truthful, and unselfish of course.
Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather:
From Sleeping Beauty...the three fairies.
Material: Unknown...gold maybe?
Length: Very short
Details/Good For: Designed to battle wicked witches.
We just call her "Tink" for short.
Material: Not sure
Length: 1/2"
Details/Good For: Making people fly...if they are thinking happy thoughts :>)

harry potter wands
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