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If you have traveled to this page you are likely in search of fame and treasures...this truly unique contest can provide you with both! This contest will be won by the person with the most creativity and skill (not by pure random luck) in solving riddles directly from my own mind (however eccentric it may be). In certain editions of our newsletter the contest will be continued so be sure to watch this page after receiving each newsletter edition.

Now...without further delay here is the concluding installment for this month's contest...

Last riddle you got, read carefully
Today's clue will play a part, you see!

From the clue below guess a type of wood (maybe even a known wand wood?)
When you think youve got it down real good

The clue is...

Daddy was a boxer - he learned to do it right,
This wood is what he did sometimes on Friday night.

When you figure out what wood we are talking about you are half way there. In our last newsletter we included a riddle whose answer was the first part of the $100 coupon code - put that riddle's answer together with the answer from this email and get to www.alivans.com right away - REMEMBER...only the very first person to complete a shopping order with the correct coupon code will win. Once the winner has used the code the code will no longer be valid.

The details: The first customer to enter the code which results from this clue in conjunction with the last clue will receive $100 in free merchandise at Alivan's. Important tip: After entering your address during checkout you will get to a confirmation page where you enter the coupon code and click Redeem - if after clicking Redeem the code works complete your checkout without shopping further. The winner is the first one that uses the working code and completes checkout with it. If you are the winner you will get the chance to complete your $100 spree after confirmation of the winning order. Remember...the coupon code is not complete until paired with the answer from the end of the month newsletter.

Best of luck to everyone!

Warmest regards,

Finneas Alivan

©2017 Alivan`s Master Wandmakers. All rights reserved.
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